Buffalino has been providing quality men's footwear to the fashion market for almost 25 years. Always on the cutting edge of new innovations in the casual footwear market with our core brands: BUFFALINO, B-BOOTS, FOXX2020 and DAKOTA BOOTS, we are proud to present our new 2011 Buffalino Collections to be offered here first on our Website www.buffalinousa.com .

The history of Buffalino is as proud and strong as our iconic logo, the American Buffalo. The name was inspired by the Italian Buffalo or Buffalino. So too, were the origins of the first Buffalino collections, inspired by Italian and other European Footwear. Over the past 20 + years, Buffalino and its "street name", B-Boots, has come to be known as one of the foremost American fashion brands with a distinctive "American Street Cred", known throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. Classic footwear like The Transit, The Metro, The Slammer, The Prowler, The Hustler, The Matrix, and The Swordfish has dominated the men's business in style, color, affordability and quality since the late 1990's. The mere mention of these classics brings one back to the days of vintage casual hot items!!

As fashion evolved, so has Buffalino! Coming full circle to the days of its Italian roots, the collections of Buffalino 2011 and beyond will always reflect the changes in the market and the way cool men wear cool shoes! Our New Collections for 2011 include City Streets, All Terrains, Street Surfers, Travelers, New Classics, and Roc-n-Rollas, with more being added and updated regularly!!

So step into our website and step into the timeless fashion that is BUFFALINO!